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FAQ Acoustic Guitar Care & Setup

FAQ Acoustic Guitar Care & Setup

MB21001 FAQ Acoustic Guitar Care and Setup Book $7.95

  • Clean and Restring Your Guitar
  • Transport and Store it
  • Adjust the Trussrod
  • Adjust the Action at the Bridge
  • Adjust the Action at the String Nut
  • Set Intonation
  • Carve a Bone String Nut
  • Carve a Bone Bridge Saddle
  • Miscellaneous Upgrades
  • Diagnose and Evaluate a Guitar

This book is an excellent reference guide for new players as well as the seasoned professionally. It contains over 80 Photographs and diagrams specific to the acoustic guitar. It explains in easy to follow detail how to: clean, restring, setup and upgrade your acoustic guitar. There is also a chapter on The Top 10 Signs of a Problematic Guitar. This chapter will help you spot serious defects before you make a purchase! An excellent gift for guitarist of all levels.

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