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Guitar Care, Setup and Repair

Guitar Care, Setup and Repair

Guitar Care, Setup and Repair is now available. It is the biggest Guitar Repair book ever published by Mel Bay and includes a forward written by Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars.

It covers in great detail how to:

  • Clean and Restring Your Guitar
  • Transport and Store it
  • Adjust the Trussrod
  • Adjust the Action at the Bridge
  • Adjust the Action at the String Nut
  • Adjust the Pickup Height
  • Set Intonation
  • Replace the Electronics
  • Carve a Bone String Nut
  • Carve a Bone Bridge Saddle
  • Replace, Level and Recrown Frets
  • Miscellaneous Upgrades
  • Diagnose and Evaluate a Guitar

This book contains over 250 photographs and diagrams from these great manufacturers, suppliers and photographers:

Each chapter demonstrates and explains, in easy-to-follow detail, the procedures and processes for each task. All of the tools, materials, and resources are listed for each procedure. The perfect repair guide for the beginner and an excellent reference manual for any repair shop.

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